Thuin, Canine Capital of the World!

In 1954 the General Secretariat of the FCI settled in Thuin. It is curious to note that dog lovers throughout the world know the name of the town in which the FCI operates and offers the services that its 13 employees provide on a daily basis. Thuin now figures on the world map in the hearts of all dog enthusiasts on all continents! This is a reality that, although not on a grand scale, has not escaped the town’s elected representatives, who have on several occasions expressed their delight in counting an international organisation celebrating its centenary amongst their population of 14,650 inhabitants!

Conscious of the role that the FCI plays as an ambassador for Thuin, Philippe Blanchart – Acting Mayor – and the Town Council have named the city “Canine Capital of the World”. In this centenary year, this designation crowns the good relations between the FCI and the town that welcomes the Federation by focusing attention on Thuin, which would become a Mecca for dog fanciers, providing a positive window to the world by displaying knowledge, projects, initiatives and other breakthroughs concerning an animal that in this day and age has an important place in our society.

What could therefore be more natural than this designation knowing that Saint Roch, the Patron Saint of Thuin, is also the protector of animals and frequently portrayed with his dog?

Marie Luna Durán
FCI Marketing and Public Relations Manager
The Turkish Kennel Club (KIF) joins the big FCI family

Dortmund, October 2010 : the FCI General Committee, following a detailed discussion about the report provided by Mr J.Hindse, President of the FCI European Section, on the partnership application from KIF makes a historic decision for Turkey : KIF is accepted as an FCI Contract Partner. The club developed quickly and steadily, observing the FCI Statutes and Regulations, and has become mature enough now to join the big FCI family (see circular 10/2011).

Official ceremony for the signature of the contract between the FCI and the KIF

Istanbul, April 2011: KIF General Committee, chaired by Mr H.Cansever, has organised a big celebration at the hotel Marmara Taksim. KIF is represented by its whole General Committee and 70 people representing the KIF member clubs (each club being represented by at least their president and vice-president). Some of them are from Istanbul, but many others have travelled a long way to be able to attend this great event. In addition, to make sure that the event gets a truly national echo, KIF has invited 2 TV channels and reporters from 5 different newspapers.

Official ceremony for the signature of the contract between the FCI and the KIF

We are glad to welcome KIF into the FCI and we look forward to a fruitful and excellent cooperation not only with the FCI institutions but also, of course, with all the FCI members and contract partners.

FCI Executive Director