Thuin, Canine Capital of the World!

In 1954 the General Secretariat of the FCI settled in Thuin. It is curious to note that dog lovers throughout the world know the name of the town in which the FCI operates and offers the services that its 13 employees provide on a daily basis. Thuin now figures on the world map in the hearts of all dog enthusiasts on all continents! This is a reality that, although not on a grand scale, has not escaped the town’s elected representatives, who have on several occasions expressed their delight in counting an international organisation celebrating its centenary amongst their population of 14,650 inhabitants!

Conscious of the role that the FCI plays as an ambassador for Thuin, Philippe Blanchart – Acting Mayor – and the Town Council have named the city “Canine Capital of the World”. In this centenary year, this designation crowns the good relations between the FCI and the town that welcomes the Federation by focusing attention on Thuin, which would become a Mecca for dog fanciers, providing a positive window to the world by displaying knowledge, projects, initiatives and other breakthroughs concerning an animal that in this day and age has an important place in our society.

What could therefore be more natural than this designation knowing that Saint Roch, the Patron Saint of Thuin, is also the protector of animals and frequently portrayed with his dog?

Marie Luna Durán
FCI Marketing and Public Relations Manager
100 years of the Real Sociedad Canina España (RSCE) in Madrid

From left to right, Yves De Clercq (FCI Executive Director), Hans Müller (FCI President) and Julián Hernández (RSCE Vice-President)
On 20, 21 and 22 May 2011, to mark its centenary, the Real Sociedad Canina en Espana (RSCE) held a double international show ; one named the Latin Alliance Show and the other the Centenary Show. It is not the intention of this article to comment on these events, although it does seem difficult to avoid mentioning the visit, in a private capacity, of Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain for a large part of the day. The RSCE can be legitimately proud of this quite unexpected visit.

On the evening of the 2nd day, the RSCE welcomed judges, guests, representatives of regional clubs and breed clubs, as well as those members of the General Committee who had replied to the invitation, to a gala evening to celebrate its centenary. No fewer than 250 people attended.

At the end of a first rate meal, Mr M. Martin Rodriguez, President of the RSCE, made a speech during which he presented a splendid bronze statue representing the head of a Spanish Mastiff to Mr H. Müller, President of the FCI in honour of its (FCI) centenary year also.

1º - DE KANER'S A. WOLLVERINE REVENGE – AMERICAN AKITA – Owner: Diestro Chapman, Patricia (Spain)
2º - AL-NACIRA BINT ROULA VON HAUSSMAN – AFGHAN HOUND – Owner: Leven, Elisabet (Sweden)
3º - STREP TEASE DELL'ALBERICO - LHASA APSO – Owner: Paolantoni, Stefano (Italy)

In his turn, Mr Müller, on behalf of the General Committee of the FCI, whom he invited to join him, presented the RSCE with a beautiful painting of, purely coincidentally, a Spanish Mastiff, a quintessential Spanish breed. Several representatives from other countries, Mr de Santiago (Puerto Rico), Mrs Molinari (Portugal) and Mr Martinez (Argentina) also celebrated the RSCE Centenary by presenting various gifts.

The celebration took place in an excellent atmosphere and splendid surroundings; everyone was delighted and proud to be able to share this special occasion with the RSCE.

The following day, Sunday 22 May, 3.30 p.m.: the President of the FCI, H. Müller, took the floor in the ring of honour. The FCI arranged for his speech to be broadcast simultaneously on giant screens in 3 countries; Spain (Madrid), Finland (Helsinki) and Sweden (Hassleholm). This 22 May marked the actual day of the 100th anniversary of the FCI for, as its President was happy to point out, it was on 22 May 1911 that five countries, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, met in Paris to adopt the Statutes of the brand new Fédération Cynologique Internationale. This speech, heard and watched by hundreds of people, was a historic moment charged with emotion, as well as a marvellous technical accomplishment by those countries who participated in this wonderful affair. We thank them warmly.

Mr Müller’s address from Madrid, broadcast live at Helsinki and Hassleholm’s dog shows

Broadcast in Hassleholm
© Marie Luna Durán
Broadcast in Helsinki

We wish both the RSCE and the FCI continued success over the next one hundred years.

FCI Executive Director